Dream Residue
where are you going away on tuesday? are you going on holiday? :) also i think its absolutely wonderful that you are doing the 30ds. i have never been motivated enough to even try. good luck xxx

Yeah it’s a mini holiday, sort of out in the country a couple of hours away. I’m going with the people I did the 8 week round of group on Thursday nights with. It’s just 2 nights/3 days but I think it will be good to get away and I’m slowly becoming friends with one of the girls from group and that’s a really nice feeling.

Thank you for that encouragement. It’s taken a lot, but I’m determined to see the entire thing through. I’ve done it before, 2 years ago now, and I found good results. I’m bigger this time but I think it’ll still help a bit.

You’re a gem xoxoxoxox

Basically I keep getting told don’t eat that, that’s too much, you can’t have that, stop eating, etc.

It’s killing me, and I’ll probably stop eating in this house.

Cramps beyond cramps.
Things are alright.
I began the 30ds yesterday, completed day 2 today, got my period today which is good for two reasons: 1) not pregnant, 2) it will be very very light when I go away on Tuesday. I got to spend some amazing time with my boy, he’s feeling good and confident and comfortable with his new job and he’s making money already. I’m feeling like I could almost be ready to look for a job, but at the very least I have my group trip next week, and my work with headspace will start the week after.

Teen wolf with headphones on, boyfriend sitting at his desk less than 2 meters away, bringing home the bacon. We tend to only be employed one at a time, but this time it should change. I need to get a job. We should both be doing something. He’s so determined and driven and focused; I’m still just trying to breathe.